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At Virginia Vision Associates, we pride ourselves in the excellent complete eye care services we provide in Arlington, Virginia. We invite you to take a look at our customer testimonials. If you have had a good experience with our business, please feel free to add your own testimonial as well. If you have questions, contact us today or call us directly at 703-522-3454 or 703-527-6090.

Best of the Best

I have been seeing Dr. London for over 7 years and my husband sees him as well. Our son sees Dr. Whitescarver.
We moved out of the area a few years ago & went to an eye doctor locally. It was a terrible experience and we "all" practically ran back to Dr. London's office. You will not find a better group of professionals, from the front to the back. They are awesome!!!!

Nina Y

Patti B

I have been a patient at this practice since the mid 1970's and continue to travel to Virginia from Delaware each year for my check ups. Dr. London and his staff have cared for many members of our family and he is like family to us. The staff is always friendly, attentive, and helpful. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. London and this practice as a whole. My exams are thorough and well explained, my treatments have been thought out and have been entirely collaborative during each phase of glasses, contacts, and Lasik surgery. I really feel as though I am given a chance to speak of my concerns, be heard, and work together to find just the right solution. And if I have a problem with a fitting or product, Dr. London and the staff goes above and beyond to make this situation right. I highly recommend this practice to anyone.

Patti Burke

Meghan R

Everyone in this office is very nice, from the front desk staff, to Dr. Whitescarver, to the optician Alice.  The exam was thorough and painless. Alice helped me pick out a pair of frames I would never have looked at otherwise and also helped me figure out my insurance options. I asked a lot of silly questions (insurance can be confusing) and tried on the same pair of glasses a trillion times. She put up with my neurosis  and did it with a smile. I'll definitely be back!


I'm a huge fan of Dr. Lobaugh.  I came in last week with a recurring eye problem and she took it very seriously.  I had to wait for about a half hour, but she personally came out and apologized for the delay.

She immediately diagnosed my problem and was clearly concerned for my well-being.  She proscribed me the proper medication and, without rushing me through the exam, insisted that I come back two days later for a check up, since she wanted to see me before she left on vacation.  After escorting me to the front desk, she asked the receptionist to make room for me on the calendar.

My eye cleared up right away.  I'll be going back at the end of the month for my yearly exam and look forward to seeing Dr. Lobaugh again.

Anna D

As good as it gets! Super nice front desk staff, assistants, and doctors! Dr. London was about 20 minutes late in attending to me, but when it was my turn, he was efficient, thorough, and very helpful. The only minor negative thing I experienced was the fact that they're so awesome so they have a ton of patients. Therefore, it was difficult to schedule a last-minute appointment. I had to wait 2 weeks to get a time that worked with my schedule. Other than that, lots of thumbs up!

Desiree A

I've been a patient of VA Visions Associates since 2009. Dr. Whitescarver is my main optometrist but I've seen Dr. Loughborough as well.  I love Dr. Whitescarver.  She is always professional, friendly, and engaging. My appointments are always on time. I definitely recommend this business and their services.

Karen S

I've been a patient of VA Visions Associates for several years now.  I have worked with several of the team at the front desk and they are some of the nicest people I've ever worked with.    Dr. Whitescarver is my optometrist and she is wonderful too.  She is pleasure to work with and is always very professional.  VA Vision Associates provides excellent service are very friendly and helpful.  I would definitely recommend this business and their services.

Timothy F

I've been going to Dr. Whitescarver for 3 years now.  The front office staff are great and very helpful when dealing with them over the phone or in person.  They seem to really know the ins and outs of insurance billings, etc.  I've been really happy with Dr. Whitescarver - she's professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.  I got  new glasses recently and I was impressed with their selection. I highly recommend them!

Allison A

I visited the practice because I was having problems with my eyes reacting to my contacts, and Dr. Whitescarver was the most helpful eye doctor I have ever had.

This problem occurred last summer, and she proceeded to tell me that it was most likely because of my office's air conditioning and looking at the computer screen for most of the day.  I had visited two other doctors that just prescribed me steroid eye drops, without the problem getting better.

She gave me samples for two different types of eye drops and contact solution, as well as contacts when I came in for my check up.

I cannot say enough good things about this office and Dr. Whitescarver.  The front desk staff, various assistants, and doctors were all very pleasant, and I would definitely recommend visiting and booking an appointment with Dr. Whitescarver.

Joseph A

Had such a wonderful experience. Didn't get my eye exam here but I brought them my Rx and the customer service was exemplary. The staff member who helped me (I forget her name) pulled something like 15-20 frames down for me to try, was very patient, and offered great advice in making a choice. I'm so happy with my new glasses!

Maggie D

Saw Dr. Whitescarver today for the first time, after a strong positive recommendation from my fiance. This small shop is run by extremely friendly and competent staff and the entire experience was enjoyable. Pricing was competitive with other places I have been in the DC area. When I mentioned I might order my contacts online to save $$, the staff even looked up pricing to provide a comparison for me--even if it meant not ordering through them.

Dr. Whitescarver gave me her full attention and even did the pre-exam testing stuff herself. She also gave me samples and suggestions for a few concerns I had about my eyesight.

A great first experience with my new eye doctors!

Ayana P

I saw Dr. Lobaugh for the first time today at VVA. It was a great experience from beginning to end. The front desk staff, the optician, and Dr. Lobaugh were professional yet warm and personable. I've been in glasses for over 20 years and contacts for 16, so I've experienced my share of eye doctors and their businesses. This has been the best one. I had an excellent eye doctor with a beautiful office and vast selection of frames when I lived in Philly but her staff just wasn't professionally polished enough. This office has customer service covered at every angle.

Another plus was the optician. I tried on several pair of glasses and even texted my friends and boyfriend pictures before I made a decision. She just went with it and was so fun! Check out my pics (I ended up going with the blue pair).

Andie A

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. London and Virginia Vision Associates. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable without being pushy, while my exams are thorough and efficient. I feel personally cared for when I step in the door, and I have been a repeat customer for several years. I take comfort in the fact that Virginia Vision Associates has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best optometry practices in the area, and I recommend them to anyone looking for an upgrade in their optometry experience.

Annmarie B

Glad to find an eye doctor's office where I like both the doctor and the front desk staff. I could tell they were a popular place though because they had limited appointments available when I called and those were probably 3 weeks away.

Dr. Lobaugh was great and very friendly. I'm a contacts person and don't wear my glasses during the day. I'd had some contact irritation recently so we talked about that for awhile and she gave me several options about how to proceed. They never pushed anything on me (like a new pair of glasses) which I appreciated.

The wait time for an appointment isn't bad, but the waiting room seems to be pretty packed - I've been at lunch time and after work as well. The front desk is friendly, but they do seem like they have to juggle a lot with so many people there.

Roni S

I recently went to see Dr. Larry London.   I was given an appointment right away as I was very concerned about my eyes. I was so impressed by his knowledge of the eyes.  He explained what he was looking for during my exam which made me feel so comfortable.  He did several tests to rule out any problems which also made me feel like I was in the best hands with Dr. London.  He gave me a prescription, told me how often to administer it and then told me to come back if things did not improve.  His warm personality and concern for his patients make him an outstanding doctor.

Christy V

Dr. London helped me over the weekend with a corneal abrasion and left me feeling extraordinarily comfortable and well cared for. Hugely helpful and friendly staff, recommended with no reservations.

Mike C

I can't praise this place enough. 

I worked with a handful of folks on the staff and each was a gem; from the scheduling, to the paperwork, to the exam, to my insurance, and ending with my checkout my needs were satisfied 100%. The wait for an appointment was about a month and a half, but it was more than worth it.

Aaron S

Dr. Kate Whitescarver is a true professional and very knowledgeable. I have lived in Arlington my entire life and was referred to Kate for an abrasion in my eye and within 48 hours I was already feeling 100% better. I have been to many eye doctors over the years and now feel that I have found the right one!

Taryl M

I had been putting off having my eyes examined hoping that my eyesight would magically get better (not happening) and finally made an appointment now that my insurance would allow me to replace the glasses I lost 2 years ago. They verified my insurance coverage when I called to make an appointment so I wouldn't be hit with any surprises related to coverage later- much appreciated! I had an appointment with Dr. Whitescarver and I really liked her demeanor for my eye exam. I needed my pupils dilated but since I didn't have glasses she wanted to have me come back (at no extra charge!) and have it done when I picked up my glasses. The person who helped me select the glasses was really helpful and patient. They had a really great selection and I love the Kate Spade glasses they helped me select! My glasses were ready for pick-up 2 days after my appointment! Overall, I loved this office! If only all doctors offices were this professional, timely, and helpful!

Lauren R

Easy to schedule an appointment. Everyone was friendly. They knew plenty about my insurance to help guide me with picking out new glasses. Looked up other frame options for me online when they didn't have them on display. Good location.

Michael W

Excellent staff; waiting time was a little longer than expected but Dr. London is one of the best optometrists I've ever had.


I can't rate Dr. Lobaugh or the staff at Virginia Vision Associates highly enough. I have been loyal to them for twelve years now. The staff is consistently professional, prompt and courteous. The care I receive is excellent. My eyes need more than the standard care and Dr. Lobaugh has always proven knowledgeable and extremely thorough in her exams. She also possesses a remarkable memory for patient history. I have recommended her to friends and colleagues and my husband has become a loyal patient as well.

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