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Enhance Your Vision Care in Arlington


Quality Eye Care & Treatment:
See Better, Live Better

Our commitment at Virginia Vision is to offer exceptional eye care services to patients of all ages in Arlington. Try out our customized vision care options for your entire family. From routine eye exams to the management of complex eye conditions, our experienced team is here to ensure that you and your family receive the highest standard of care.


Eyewear & Optical in Arlington

At Virginia Vision, we believe that eyeglasses and contact lenses are more than just tools for vision correction. They are opportunities for you to showcase your unique personality and enhance your vision. Our extensive collection is not just about fashion-forward aesthetics and the latest vision technology. It’s about you.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality frames or the freedom of contact lenses, our team is here to help you find the solution you’re looking for by understanding your needs and preferences.

Explore our collection of eyeglasses that combine style and functionality, perfect for improving your vision and expressing your aesthetic.

Experience the comfort and convenience of our contact lenses, with personalized fittings to ensure the perfect match for your eyes.

Immediate Assistance

Emergency Eye Care in Arlington

We have a committed team ready to provide quick and efficient care for urgent eye problems like infections, injuries, and sudden changes in vision.

Emergency appointments are available only within our office hours, so if you’re experiencing an eye emergency, contact us immediately during these times. Your vision and well-being are our top priorities.

Dr. Polin Lay
Dr. Eric Kraff

Our thorough eye exams address various eye health problems, keeping your vision clear and eyes healthy.

Our specialized eye exams for fitting contact lenses ensure a precise and comfortable fit, tailored to your lifestyle and vision needs.



All age groups benefit from routine eye exams. Our optometrists at Arlington perform eye examinations to detect vision and health-related diseases or conditions. We recommend starting your child’s eye check-ups at six months and continuing annually.

These are great people.They are always quick and competent I have always had great experiences with virginia vision associates
5 days ago
- Robert B.
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